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Krisstian de Lara

Krisstian de Lara has seventeen years of experience in film, broadcast news and entertainment television. He is originally from the border communities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. Before he turned 14 he decided to look for opportunities by knocking on doors at local television stations. After some setbacks due to his young age, Krisstian was given an opportunity at a local television station and has never looked back. Krisstian became a Producer, Editor and Technical Director for many television productions including newscasts, telethons, game shows, promotionals, and night and live entertainment. Krisstian advanced his career by accepting a position as a Commercial Director for Univision and later achieved a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures Production at the University of Miami. Since then, he has made two directorial feature films and directed numerous projects produced in the United States, Mexico and Spain. In 2009, he founded his own multimedia production company entitled, “Kn2s Productions, LLC.” Krisstian recently completed his feature film directorial debut with independent film, Investigation 13, launched this year in all digital platforms and its DVD format at Walmart nationwide in the United States. His second directorial film, Rift City, is currently in post-production and is expected to release next year.

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  • Krisstian de Lara at Canes Film Festival 2012
    The Whisper nominated “Best in Show”

    I personally would like to thank you for visiting my site. I am Krisstian de Lara, an inspiring artist that always tries to find innovative ways of reinventing my own work and ideas. I come from the border communities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico where I have learned the commercial industry of television production and film. I have done numerous amount of projects such as, commercials, television shows and films to name a few. I am grateful that I have worked with an infinite amount of talented people and made many friends along the way.

    I fulfill a dream of earning a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures Production at the University of Miami. I have been able to work with dedicated and incredible people with whom I created phenomenal films and a variety of productions. I have also produced and directed films, music videos and documentaries in Spain and Mexico. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and has believed in me. Without your effort and support I would not have been able to produce the high quality projects you see on this site. Most importantly, I want to thank you for visiting my site and following my story all these years. There is no better words that describe how I feel than thank you.

    Krisstian de Lara

  • In 2009, Krisstian de Lara founded his own multimedia production company entitled, “Kn2s Productions.” Kn2s Productions, LLC specializes in multimedia productions such as films, commercials, music videos, television shows, website designs and much more! Many of which Krisstian has overseen himself. As a proprietor, Krisstian strives to treat all clients with respect and honesty with great quality productions.

    Visit the site: kn2s.com