Krisstian de Lara Gets Invited as Special Guest to Discuss the New Era of Cinema

Writer and Director Krisstian de Lara gets invited to LolTV on XHIJ Canal 44 to talks about the new era of cinema, how technology has changed filmmaking, and how mankind’s yearnings of the future reflects on the silver screen. The hosts kick off the interview asking Krisstian what has revolutionized cinema in the past decade. Krisstian describes the first signs of revolution were seen in the technology advancements that were shown in 1999 with the film of the Blair Witch Project that allowed to tell stories differently and defy Hollywood’s classic style of storytelling.

Then, Bejamin Duran, asks Krisstian which entertainment capital has more influence, the American or Asian and the reason why Indian and Asian films are so notoriously popular. Krisstian comments that Hollywood continues to be the strongest force in the world regarding the entertainment industry but nonetheless, Bollywood films are beloved because they are their own genre and a respectable one, “just like in music, many people listen to k-pop and is very popular around the world.”

Thereafter, Martin Olivas, asks Krisstian what is his favorite form of storytelling from the all the genres and styles of filmmaking, from cinema to television series. Krisstian explains independent filmmaking has always been his favorite because it allows to tell less formulaic stories different from what’s trending in mainstream movie making. Benjamin extends on how mainstream movies are very focused on the end of the world, how technology takes over human life, apocalyptic and fantasizing constantly about the future, “Do you think these people get to see the future or why do they have these visions of the future?” Krisstian agrees,

It opens a window to our imagination and if it wasn’t for that maybe we wouldn’t be able with our cell phones, touch them and make them work […] We have also seen a lot of influence of wanting to see and interact with holograms and we are very close to doing just that. What better way to use filmmaking to celebrate and showcase mankind’s dreams of the future.

Benjamin follows up, “And do you think porn filmmaking will evolve?” The cast laughs as Krisstian adds, “what matter is how deep the story is.” Everyone laughs profusely. Martin concludes the interview inviting audiences to follow Krisstian on his Instagram and Facebook page to ask him more about movies. Lastly, Krisstian lets the cast know that he directed an independent horror feature film that premiered recently on digital platforms called Investigation 13 and audiences are welcome to catch it online in all digital platforms.

Investigation 13 tells the story of a group of college science students that investigate the urban legend of ‘The Mole Man.’ When members of the group start missing, they soon learn that this myth is more real than they thought, making this investigation one they will come to regret.

Watch the full interview above. To learn more about Investigation 13 click here.