Krisstian de Lara Launches Documentary Trilogy On New Platform

Writer and Director Krisstian de Lara gets invited to Chic Music on XHIJ Canal 44 to talk about the launch of his documentary trilogy coming to a new digital platform. The interview touches on various topics such as Krisstian’s most recent feature film project, what inspired him to make the trilogy, his restlessness of making them and more. The documentary trilogy is composed of three short films titled, El Dragón, El Flaco and El Chácharero that showcase the shocking lives of three individuals from the border community of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. 

Television host, Aylin Meléndez, kicks off the interview mentioning that Krisstian has been a previous guest on the show, “You’ve been here before to Chic Music because you were filming a movie last year, how did it go?” Krisstian confirms, “It went great, I’m very satisfied with the final product. The film is now in the post-production phase. If you guys want to see more details, how we filmed it, the behind the scenes, we are publishing something every month, every two weeks, you can visit or follow me on social media as Krisstian de Lara.” Aylin encourages audiences to follow the film’s journey through Krisstian’s social media. 

Aylin continues, “You just finished a trilogy. In other words, you don’t stop. Last year, you were working on this movie and now you have these documentaries. Tell us more.” Krisstian elaborates,

They are three films that highlight the life of three individuals from Ciudad Juarez. The first installment is a short film about “El Dragón”— All of them are short documentaries. They illustrate how all of these people earn their living in an honest manner but at the same time, with jobs that are very unusual and unsettling.

Krisstian expresses how these films have received recognition through their festival run across Mexico and the United States and how proud he is about the blossoming of this trilogy. Krisstian never expected these films to turn the way they did. He proceeds by explaining what El Dragón is about, a young man earning a few pesos by spitting fire through the streets of the city. Aylin then asks, what inspired him to make such films? Krisstian describes how he has always been intrigued about how these people end up with these type of jobs. Including the second film, El Flaco, a film about a male prostitute that has male and female clients in Juarez and in the states of Texas and New Mexico. 

Krisstian elaborates how these films are all connected through one single thread but happening in completely different environments. Ailyn then follows up by asking how he ends up finding these kind of characters to film. Krisstian reveals he found these individuals by luck and how audiences can learn more about these intriguing stories in full detail on his YouTube channel

Ailyn proceeds by asking Krisstian where did the restlessness of making these kind of productions and projects come from. Krisstian reflects, “I’m native to the border and it excites me to bring such stories like these to the big screen but at the same time, this border town has given me everything that I need, all the tools necessary to grow and what better way to showcase stories from the border.” Ailyn adds that Krisstian has intrigued us all and cannot wait to see his work on social media. “Yes, especially on YouTube because— I mean you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook but this is the first time I will be uploading the entire trilogy to the platform,” Krisstian summarized.

Ailyn concludes the interview by asking Krisstian if he could make a documentary about her, what would it be called? Krisstian responds, “La Guapa” which means ‘The Beautiful.’ “I thought you were gonna say ‘The Shorty'” Ailyn says between laughs. Krisstian gives a better alternative, “La Chic.” Ailyn jokes, “when do we start filming?” They both laugh. Ailyn closes the interview by thanking Krisstian coming over to the show.

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