Krisstian de Lara Talks About Sub Rosa on Channel 44

Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara, was invited to El Cafesito de La Mañana show to welcome the communities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico to be a part of his upcoming short film titled Sub Rosa. In the interview, Krisstian discusses how funds are being raised to cover the budget for the production necessities of the film.

In addition, Krisstian describes how everyone can get involved in this exciting project by donating and becoming a backer of the film. He explains how everyone that becomes a backer will be updated weekly on the progress of the film: “I’m asking you to please donate and become part of this exciting project. I will provide detailed updates week by week on how the money you have donated is being used to make Sub Rosa a  successful film.”

During the interview Pepe Barbosa, one of the hosts of El Cafesito de La Mañana, states:

This is a project that you are excited about working on, however the support from our community is essential because at the end of the day your heart is in Juarez.

Throughout the interview Krisstian also showcases his projects to emphasize how professional Sub Rosa will be produced.  He discusses projects such as Grey Goose, You’re Gone, The Whisper and also previews “Limbo,” one of his yet unreleased short film shot in Spain. Krisstian also details the rewards backers will be receiving when they donate. There are many exciting and unique rewards such as one-on-one online script review sessions, behind the scenes photos from on set, executive producer credit, among many others.

Krisstian wraps up the interview by thanking everyone for their support in helping to make this film a reality.

For more information about Sub Rosa, click here. In addition, Sub Rosa gets fully funded thanks to your generous support! Read more about it here.