Krisstian de Lara Talks about How to Help Fund Sub Rosa on Univision

Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara, gets invited to Despierta El Paso to ask the communities of El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico to be a part of his upcoming short film entitled Sub Rosa. The host of Despierta El Paso, Brenda Reyes begins the interview by saying how talented Krisstian is and reminds everyone that he is originally from the Border Community and needs our support. Krisstian begins by explaining the definition of Sub Rosa, “Sub Rosa means secret and I am here to share it.”

During the interview, Krisstian discusses how Kickstarter works and how backers can obtain rewards by contributing any amount. He also emphasizes that he has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel across the globe to do films in Spain and New York and doing one of the things that he loves the most. He adds:

This is why I’m inviting everyone to visit to support this great short film and represent and bring pride to the communities of El Paso and Juárez throughout the nation.KRISSTIAN DE LARA

Brenda Reyes then asks how to contribute once they have visited Krisstian’s site. Krisstian replies, “You will see a title that says Sub Rosa…” Brenda interrupts, “Which means secret.” Krisstian laughs, “That’s correct! And you will see a button that says, Back This Project. Click on it and it will take you automatically to the official funding site.”

Brenda wraps up by inviting Krisstian back once the project has completed and the film has been yet another great success. Krisstian laughs, “I hope because I truly believe in the border communities, since I grew up here and it saw me grow professionally. Thank you Brenda for opening the doors for me. This is why I have faith that the people of the border will log on and donate 5 dollars or whatever they can afford to create this great story that needs to be told!”

For more information about Sub Rosaclick here. To become a backer now, please click here and thank you!