Limbo Premieres at TOFF

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Limbo premieres worldwide as an Official Selection of The Online Film Festival (TOFF) under the November edition program from November 1st thru November 28th, 2014. Limbo will be available for viewing and voting online at The Online Film Festival website here. Krisstian is excited to share the film he directed in Alicante, Spain with many like minded individuals who have a strong passion for strong storytelling and rich characters stories.

Limbo is the story of Susana, a wife who travels with her husband who’s feed up by her monotone relationship, as she explores the beautiful city of Alicante, Spain she encounters a man who redefines her definition of love.

Krisstian states during an interview for Kn2s Productions that he is thrilled to share Limbo globally with the film community and hopes to hear from like minded individuals and filmmakers their thoughts regarding the film. He concludes,

Limbo is a film of self discovery. It explores one of the hardest definitions humankind has faced, “What is love?” I’m excited to present Susana’s story, which comes full circle when she finds herself trying to answer that very question.

limbo-trailer-3 Limbo A Film by Krisstian de Lara.

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