Krisstian de Lara Gets Invited to Univision Post El Chácharero’s Premiere

Director Krisstian de Lara and Producer Uriel Venegas get invited to Univision’s weekend newscast to speak about their documentary short, El Chácharero, that premiered in this year’s El Paso Film Festival. Krisstian and Uriel stopped by the studios before the closing hours of the festival to answer questions and share to audiences their experience of the world premiere of El Chácharero. They talked about the content of their documentary short, how they found their subject and where to catch the film on the big screen.

During the interview conducted by news anchor, Alejandro Saldivar, Uriel describes how the project was received, “Very well. We are very happy to have screened the life of El Chácharero and be able to meet many people from the film industry. It’s very exciting to learn more about all the local talent that lives here in El Paso.” Alejandro indicates that Krisstian and Uriel are a proof of that and how this festival it’s a world platform to showcase the story of El Chácharero.

Alejandro asks Krisstian what can audiences expect from this film, “This documentary is the third chapter from a trilogy of personalities that has shocked the border community and showcase the community of El Paso, how much influence the US has over in Ciudad Juarez.” Alejandro continues by saying this personality has a very unique characteristic that makes him stand out and asks Krisstian for more details on what he does and what he makes a living out of, “He’s an older man that survives out the trash and in this trilogy I would ask— we both did because Uriel produced it. Why not get involved in the drug trafficking world which is a quick way to get out of extreme poverty? And it quite shocked me and I even learned, which is a very important aspect, the influence drug tracking has and how they search for low income people to recruit and get them involved in this kind of world.” Krisstian adds,

Therefore, for us to be native to the border it shocked us and it made us realize that we don’t know as much of the border as we would like.
Krisstian de lara

Alejandro reiterates how important it is to bring to light these kind of topics and specially in this elevated style of filmmaking. When asked what kind of challenges they faced during production, Uriel commented, “First it was important to find the ideal person, we looked all over downtown and we found Edras, who is El Chácharero, and we saw that essence. The essence that he had values and the yearn to survive in his life. The most difficult aspect was to find that person to film.”

Alejandro ends the interview by telling audiences that El Chácharero already premiered but can visit Krisstian de Lara’s website or the company‘s that created the trilogy, Kn2s Productions, for more information on where to catch the film on the big screen. Plus, he invites viewers to follow Krisstian and Uriel‘s journey on their social networks for more about the project. “On top of that, to continue supporting this talent and remember them because they are making bigger projects and surely we will be seeing more of these faces on international projects, I dare to say.” Alejandro concludes.

Watch the full behind the scenes interview above or watch El Chácharero‘s second sneak peek below or click here.

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