Krisstian de Lara Exclusively Quick Chats with BRWC About Investigation 13

Krisstian de Lara

Director Krisstian de Lara speaks exclusively with movie news outlet Battle Royale With Cheese to chat about Investigation 13, available on various digital platforms such as iTunesAmazonYouTubeMicrosoft, FandangoVuduDirecTV, and GooglePlay. The article, “Krisstian de Lara: A Quick Chat” goes into detail about the specific type of horror film Investigation 13 is, working with Meg Foster on set, grounding the film to reality, the importance of sound, the scariest moment in the film and more.

Krisstian kicks off the interview by saying Investigation 13 does not fit one specific kind of horror genre, “I want to say that Investigation 13 fits a specific type of horror film but it doesn’t. In a way, we let the characters and the story dictate many of, if not all, aspects of the movie and we dive into a unique innovative way of storytelling. For example, the animation. I have friends reaching out to let me know that they haven’t seen anything like this before.”

Krisstian continues by talking about how invested Meg Foster was on set, “Meg Foster is such a phenomenal human being. Due to budgetary constraints she had limited time on set during production but she made sure I knew, whatever I needed, she was there for me. That, to me, is something very honorable as an actress of such weight in the industry and it made me respect her even more. I felt great that we had not only become friends on set but that she was also dedicated to the project as much as I was.”

Krisstian speaks about if it’s hard to ground a horror movie, “Not at all. I’ve always enjoyed dramas and raising the stakes in this film through drama made it easy to make it believable. I do believe this could happen in real life.”

When asked how important was sound in this film, Krisstian states, “Visuals is only fifty percent of the film, getting to experience it with the outstanding original music from Maxwell Sterling, has really turned it into an immersive one of a kind experience.  The music is catchy, scary, and it gets you exactly where you need to be: there with Melanie Gates, the gang, and… the Mole Man.”

Krisstian concludes the interview by talking about the scariest moment in the film for him and what scares him the most in general. 

To read the complete interview, “Krisstian de Lara: A Quick Chat” click here. Watch Investigation 13‘s trailer below or click here.

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