You’re Gone Comes To Life

When the camera starts rolling the magic begins. Shooting a music video always involves hard work and unique challenges that turn into stories that reflect the determination, courage and passion behind the entire project. This is how You’re Gone evolved to what it is today: an innovative and breathtaking electronic music video that was hours, days and even months in the making.

You're Gone Behind the Scenes - Jesus Fraire and Tania performing for You're Gone, a shot that did not get to the final cut Jesus Fraire and Tania performing for You're Gone, a shot that did not made the final cut

The main goal of Krisstian de Lara, director and producer of the project, was to create harmony between music, story and technical effects to create a visually appealing music video. To that end, You’re Gone was photographed following a very precise storyboard.  Every movement behind and in front of camera needed to be recorded for good execution. Finding the perfect balance between camera and body movement was essential for the overall impact and impression of You’re Gone.

As incredibly perfect as this sounds, the development of You’re Gone generated two storyboards different in concept and drawn at different times during the life of project but were later mashed into one.

What is most interesting about this project is that it took a year to get to the final cut that we all know.

Krisstian de Lara says on an online interview with Kn2s Productions via He continues, “We shot all the studio scenes first with the vision that it would be modern and out of this world and it was, but after finishing the first cut we realized it was missing something.” Krisstian adds, “it felt a little claustrophobic.” At this point, Krisstian and Tania decided to take another approach.

“We wanted it to be more dynamic and we decided to open up the atmosphere and shoot additional scenes outdoors concentrated in high traffic, big city environments contrasting with natural mountain landscapes. Plus, we decided to add a storyline to go along with these scenes.” Krisstian says during the creation of the second storyboard. The main goal shifted now to the visual concept that would look part of the current music video and to marry all of these scenes together into one cohesive piece.

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While brainstorming the story line, many ideas intrigued Krisstian especially one in which Tania’s mind would play tricks causing her to chase her love one but never able to get a hold of him. Krisstian elaborates, “Is just like real love. Every time Tania would get a glimpse of him he would disappear just around the corner and when she’s finally able to catch up and touch him, he vanishes right in front of her eyes.” When Krisstian pitched this idea to Tania they agreed that this concept would align perfectly with all the previous footage.

Kn2s Productions asked if Tania could truly be delusional. Krisstian laughs and says, “Maybe. I truly enjoy creating stories that are very subtle. There could be many interpretations, but personally I believe Tania gets blindsided by her memories which happen to be so true and vivid. This happens when you are in love. It’s almost impossible to forget.”

You're Gone Behind the Scenes - Tania and Krisstian reviewing a take on location Tania and Krisstian reviewing a take on location

During extensive shoots, the chemistry between talent and director helps to determine the success of any project. Krisstian has a particular way of fostering this chemistry, “I always have in mind the interaction and coexistence with the people I work with, especially the talent. I wanted to have Tania involved in all aspects of the music video to spend more time together in order to make her feel comfortable with me and vice versa. With the ultimate purpose of making the camera disappear during the shoot thus creating an intimate process where I could have Tania as natural and organic as possible. I believe I was successful in this and it reflected in the final product.” Tania speaks about her favorite part of the project, “watching each take get better. I enjoyed working intense hours and developing that hidden talent with the help of a director who believed in me.”

Tania states during the premiere event of You’re Gone:

Working with Krisstian opened my eyes to the world of art, production and direction of musical media. It’s been one of the best experiences I have ever had in part because he believed in me and developed that artistic side of me that no one has ever seen before. It helped me grow has a person and to believe in myself.

The crew for You’re Gone were exposed to extensive hours of filming, high temperatures and various conditions such as rocky and wet surfaces. Krisstian describes the process as, “Intense. One of my favorite yet most difficult to shoot scenes was on the mountain. Believe it or not, as windy as it looked on camera, it was extremely hot and challenging to walk through. You're Gone Behind the Scnes - Tania and Krisstian climbing up a mountain Tania and Krisstian climbing up a mountain heading to the first shooting locationImagine Tania who had to do all of this in high heels! I was impressed with how she held her balance at all times despite the fact she sometimes had to stand on one foot to achieve a desired effect. In my case, even I fell once and I was wearing tennis shoes!” he laughed. Tania giggles, “Thank God nothing happened but I was extremely frightened because one of my biggest fears is heights. Although my skirt would get stuck between branches, thankfully I got through it without a scratch!”

Once every shot was locked in place, the producers, the director and Tania could not have been more pleased, “I was happy to have delivered excellence and a piece to be proud of. Working with Tania was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I truly admire her dedication and drive. She is an empowered Latina with a bright future, the kind of talent that I am thrilled to shine a bright light on. The importance of local landscapes and directorial skills is minimal compared to showcasing the talent that united together can create the impossible.”

You’re Gone moves forward to a red carpet premiere night and promotion on television in El Paso, Texas. Read about it in an upcoming blog.

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