Krisstian de Lara Gets Personal in Official Sub Rosa Interview

Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara, speaks about Sub Rosa, a short film he directed that tells the story of a teen boy bullied by his father to grow up. During the course of a summer, events transpire that cause the teenage boy to fall in love with his stepmother, creating a spiraling conflict between the love of his step-mother and his father’s life. It’s a story about paternal and romantic love and the clash between them.

The interview begins with Krisstian answering questions such as what was the inspiration that turned Sub Rosa into a story, “I’ve always been intrigued by stories with rich characters and conflicts that lie deep in human psychological roots. I really wanted to do a serious story where I would step out of my comfort zone and attempt to do something that I’ve never try to do before.”

As the interview progresses, Krisstian also answers questions such as the nature of the relationship between the teenage boy and his step-mother, do the characters foresee problems coming and if he intended for them to have clothes in the shower sex scene. Krisstian touches on the topics of love, character vulnerability and how love cannot be planned.

Krisstian wraps up the interview by proclaiming how excited he was when he finally watched such a controversial film on the big screen,

When I watched it at the end, after the rolling credits I said to myself, ‘Wow this is the story that I always wanted to tell and I just saw it!’

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