Krisstian de Lara Talks About You’re Gone on Univision

Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara is invited to Univision’s Despierta El Paso show this August to speak about the world premiere of Tania’s New Music Video, “You’re Gone.” Krisstian exclusively presents some behind the scenes footage of the project, plus insights on how the idea of the music video was born.

The host of Despierta El Paso, Victor Acosta, asks Krisstian how was Kn2s Productions born,

I launched Kn2s Productions in 2009 were I had the opportunity to share and make a lot of projects like documentaries, music videos and short films and it was a great opportunity to contact Tania about this project which I had in mind for more than 6 months.
Krisstian de lara

Acosta continues by asking how did Kn2s Productions and Tania meet, “When I meet her I saw her with a sparkle, alive, and I said ‘she is perfect for the camera.’ When we started working together during pre-production, on the selection of the hair style, make up, even on the selection of the material we were going to use for the studio, in singing classes, in every process we were together and we had the opportunity to coexist; and what I really wanted it was to make the camera disappear during filming.”

Acosta points out the difficulties there are in the making of a music video emphasizing on the challenges there was on filming the mountain scenes in “You’re Gone.”