Krisstian de Lara Speaks About El Flaco’s Premiere, ‘Bad Hombres’ and Burritos

Krisstian de Lara on El Flaco's premiere in Mexico City at Cinema Burrito

Director Krisstian de Lara is interviewed by Kn2s Productions to discuss El Flaco, an award winning documentary short film that will be premiering for the first time in Mexico City at the Cinema Burrito Film Festival this May 18th.

In the interview, Krisstian discusses in detail about El Flaco’s increasing international interest, his favorite burrito and the film’s first screening ever in Mexico City.

When asked why he believes Cinema Burrito will be exclusively showcasing films from the border community of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, Krisstian responds: “Juarez, Mexico has been known internationally as the eye of the hurricane due to the historic high wave of violence, crime against women, and the war among the drug cartels […] Juarez might not be perfect and it will continue to seek social justice and economic growth like any other developing city in Mexico, but I know their people, I’ve worked next to them, I’ve eaten burritos with them and…” click here to read more.

Krisstian also answers questions such as which are his favorite kind of burritos, and what it feels like to premiere El Flaco in no other place than Mexico City.

Krisstian concludes, “I’m delighted to bring the story of El Flaco to an international audience. I’m very pleased to know that border stories are creating big waves in cinema and making their way to an international appeal…” click here to read more.

To read the complete article, Director Krisstian de Lara speaks about El Flaco’s premiere, ‘bad hombres’ and burritos click here.

Watch El Flaco‘s trailer below or click here.

El Flaco will be screening at Cinema Burrito Film Festival, La generación que nunca fue:
Galería Breve, Colima 256 Colonia Roma – Thursday May 18th, 2017 at 7:300pm in Mexico City.
Films will be screening continuously from May 18th Throughout May 28th
View the program here. | Visit the Official site:

Photography by Dong Kyu Lee. © Copyright 2017