Krisstian de Lara Speaks About the Inspiration Behind His Films

Producer and Director, Krisstian de Lara, answers questions from the audience after the screening of documentary short, El Dragón, at El Paso Film Festival. De Lara, speaks about why the making of the documentary, how he started his career and his inspiration behind the film,

Up to this day, my inspiration is Lars von Trier and Luis Buñuel. I love how [Buñuel] showcases Mexico in a developing stage. So, I try to capture that in the architecture… it puts a staple or a signature on the film and… that with the character itself, it gives the film life.


The short film screened under short film program this September at the El Paso Museum of Art in downtown El Paso, Texas. 

El Dragón tells the story of Jorge, a fire breather who makes a living working on the streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Watch the full interview above. For more information about El Dragón, visit the official site here.