Director Krisstian de Lara Gets Scared on Television Interview

Director, Krisstian de Lara, and Producer, Uriel Venegas get invited (and spooked) to a special Halloween edition of the television show LolTV to talk about Krisstian’s directorial feature film debut with Investigation 13 and the premiere of documentary short El Chácharero at El Paso Film FestivalInvestigation 13 is an independent feature film that tells the story of a group of college science students that investigate the urban legend of ‘The Mole Man.’ When members of the group start missing, they soon learn that this myth is more real than they thought, making this investigation one they will come to regret.

The interview kicks off with television hosts, Martin Olivas and Samaria Najera, inviting audiences to purchase Investigation 13 available on DVD at Walmart nationwide. Krisstian adds, “That’s correct! Investigation 13 is available in all digital platforms. Any platform you can think of, Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, YouTube, you can rent it or purchase it but if you want a physical copy you can go and purchase it there which is directed by myself, talent from the border.” The interview continues with Samaria asking Krisstian what to expect from this horror flick in which Krisstian sums up the plot,

They discover this urban legend and they begin to disappear one by one and they start blaming each other and well, I wouldn’t like to be them.
Krisstian de lara

Martin praises the production’s high quality and reiterates that there’s no better feeling to go to the store and purchase a movie and say, “Ah! I have it! it’s mine.” Martin follows up by asking Krisstian how long it took to film Investigation 13, “It was filmed in Miami and we entered a building that was completely abandoned, completely empty in downtown Miami and believe it or not they were spirits encased there because things happened that didn’t have an explanation—” Martin adds, “You felt it, no?” Krisstian confirms, “Yes, you could feel it. It was a very heavy atmosphere but it took around 28 days to film and it was a very spectacular experience.” Krisstian concludes,

Therefore, I invite you guys to watch it, it’s very interesting. It has a lot of suspense, horror— obviously, and blood which is perfect for this October season.
Krisstian de lara

Samaria continues the interview by announcing the news of a new documentary short premiering very soon. “Yes, El Chácharero premieres here in the borderland at El Paso Film Festival this Saturday, October 26, in which Uriel is the producer and is the third documentary film from a trilogy of personalities from Ciudad Juarez.” Martin asks Uriel how different is this new chapter from the previous shorts, “We are looking to tell stories from Juarez people, people from the border, that work day by day and many times we don’t see it or we aren’t paying attention—” Suddenly, the interview gets interrupted abruptly by a loud scream by another LolTV television host, Benjamin Duran with the intent to scare Krisstian and Uriel. Krisstian jumps and everyone laughs, “You’re just missing the mask!” Krisstian tells Benjamin between laughs.

Shortly after, Uriel carries on, “Like I was saying, this is the story of Edras, a person that makes a living picking up trash in downtown and goes with his granddaughter and picks whatever he finds to be able to survive and makes very little money. In the short film you will be able to see what he says but he makes very little money and despite the small money he makes he doesn’t commit offenses to the city. He is a person with values and he is well grounded with his values that were instilled in him as a child.”

Samaria concludes the interview by thanking them and asking where can people find more about the projects online in which Uriel invites audiences to join the journey over at El Chácharero‘s Facebook group and follow Krisstian and Uriel on their social sites.

Watch El Chácharero‘s second sneak peek below or click here.

Watch Investigation 13‘s trailer below or click here.

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