Welcome to krisstian.com

Welcome to krisstian.com

I am very pleased to introduce you to my new website. This site is a place where I will be able to showcase my projects, update you on my most recent work, help you learn more of who I am and most importantly to share my journey with you. This website reflects many aspects of myself, from the site design to the projects I feature.

Krisstian.com celebrates with colorful balloons on the launch day: 12/1/12.

Revolution, reinvention and creativity forms a great part of my life. Therefore, I always look to transform my work and innovate everything that I do into a form that I have not seen before. As you navigate through my website you will see that my goal is to make all of my projects unique. None of my projects look alike and that’s the beauty of it. Every project and every idea stands by itself because I consider myself a multifaceted director.

As I start this news blog I will try my best to inform you of all of the exciting projects I will be submerging into and all the talented people I work with and that I would like the world to know about. Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone who shared their content with me to include on this website and make this possible. This include the colleagues and talent I worked with at XHIJ Channel 44, KINT Univision, the University of Miami and around the world.

Please join me on this journey where now, more than ever, this site is a free platform for everyone to share their comments, thoughts and concerns. I am thrilled to share my work with you but it is more than an honor for me to read your comments and ideas and incorporate them into my future projects.